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*Title Search Direct is a provider of residential property title searches and does not perform searches on commercial property.

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    Title Search Direct has been amazing for my business. I’m an investor who needs accurate reports, on time. The combination of thorough work and great prices make these guys the best. I’ll be a TSD client for life!

    Sarah B., Real Estate Investor

    What is a Title Search?

    In the most basic form, a title search examines and cross-references public records to pin down the exact history of a specific property. This confirms that the property is legally owned by the seller, and provides you with insight into any claims or liens that might be on the property itself, allowing you to make an informed purchase decision.

    A title search may also reveal information about any previous leases, mortgage details, restrictions on the land, and other information related to the property purchased.

    This information is not only important for commercial purchases, but also for homeowners looking to purchase a residential home. Verifying the title of the home can prevent unnecessary surprises in the future and protect your investment. For more answers on property title searches, check out our FAQs page.

    I get my documents back faster and at a better price than the other company I used to use. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

    Dante N.

    We’ve been using you guys for almost 6 years now and have always been reliable. You’re an essential part of the Mackenzie & Co. team.

    Jack Mackenzie, Mackenzie & Co

    I can honestly say I love Title Search Direct! Speed is one of the most important things in my business and these guys are always on time.

    Jess O, Real Estate Invester

    Why a Clear Title Matters

    A clear title is an important part of the purchase decision, whether you are buying residential or commercial real estate. A valid title is not only necessary for the sale to occur, as it shows that the property is legally owned and able to be sold by the seller but provides you, the buyer, with peace of mind.

    When you have a title search performed on a property, it’s ideal for the property to come back clear. A clear title means that there are no defects with the property, it is in good legal standing, and there are no debts, claims, or liens on the property.

    While it is advised that most commercial and residential real estate properties are sold with a clear title, this is not always possible if a claim owner is unwilling to cooperate with the seller in clearing the title.

    Discover Title Issues Beyond Ownership

    For many people, the primary concern when viewing a title’s public record is verifying that the seller is legally allowed to sell the property. While the deed will confirm this, many additional issues may be uncovered during the title search.

    If a title is not cleared before the purchase, it can interfere with the transaction, delaying the sale until the claim owner cooperates and agrees to remove the claim from the title.

    Depending on the severity of the claim or debt discovered during the title search, the sale may be prevented entirely, voiding any ownership if the sale has already occurred.

    As a key part of the typical sale process, a title search company can help you prevent these issues, discovering more information about the home’s past according to public records.

    For your next property title search, choose the nationwide provider Title Search Direct for easy, convenient title search reporting. Perfect for prospective homeowners, landlords, and real estate agents, initiate your title search in just a few clicks.


    A lien or mortgage on the property is either a debt that you will inherit when purchasing the property or may prevent the sale of the property altogether.

    Before entering a purchase agreement, understanding your responsibilities and debts with the ownership of the home or commercial property is important.

    Likewise, if a property is sold illegally, your ownership may fall into question despite any investments made into the property.

    Understanding the details of the property’s previous ownership and any claims that are made on the property can help you ensure your investment is secure.


    A deed restriction may change your intention with the property, going undiscovered until a title search is performed on the home. This type of restriction is an order prohibiting the home or commercial building from being used in certain ways.

    These restrictions can range from not allowing you to run a business out of your home, to determining how you can use the land on the property, including the use of signage or what you can build on the property.

    Knowing the deed restrictions on a property, if any, can help you plan ahead and avoid any costly misunderstandings.


    When purchasing a property, a title search may uncover easements of record which, on a case-by-case basis, identify certain individuals or agents that are rightfully allowed to use or enter onto the property for a particular purpose, even if it is owned by someone else.

    Understanding any easements that are attached to the property will help you better understand what is expected of the property and could change how you intend to utilize the space.

    Should You Buy Title Insurance?

    If you uncover any hidden issues with the title, it may make you think twice about purchasing the property. There is always risk involved around missing or unreported information in the documentation, even with accurate reporting. (1) Many people choose to purchase title insurance for this reason.

    “A title claim could arise at any time, even after you’ve owned the property with no problems for many years. How could this happen? Someone else might have ownership rights that you don’t know about when you make an offer to buy a property.”

    If the home is in relatively good condition or recently built, there is less risk involved and fewer people opt for title insurance.

    An accurate report from a title search company like Title Search Direct can help provide you with more details on the property’s history and potential risk for undiscovered title issues, allowing you to make an informed purchase.

    Dependable Title Search When You Need it Most

    A title search shouldn’t wait until the last minute. The sale takes long enough to complete and shouldn’t be delayed any more than it needs to be with a long title search process.

    Our team is proficient in researching and retrieving land and property records, carefully reporting each detail relevant to the home’s historical record.

    It’s time to start using a title search company that cares about protecting your purchase with strong attention to detail and can help you get the fastest results in the most accurate, professional format possible.

    Turn to Title Search Direct for dependable service when you need it next.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Don’t just trust our word for it; our team has helped hundreds of satisfied customers regain their confidence in purchasing residential property.

    Our focus is on customer service. We don’t stop until you’re happy with the report, with close quality control to ensure you receive a professional and well-researched record of your property, from the land to the building. 

    Want to learn more? Here are some of our most recent customer testimonials:

    Fast, Accurate Results with Our Online Title Search Company

    For the average person, a home or business property is the single most expensive investment you’ll make in your life. Don’t let your assets go unprotected.

    Whether you’re an experienced multi-property owner or a first-time homebuyer, Title Search Direct can help you achieve peace of mind in the ownership of your new property.

    Online ordering makes title searches easy, taking as much stress off the sale process as possible.

    With low prices and fast results, our title search services will help you learn more about the property before you commit to a purchase, allowing you to make an informed decision about the property before it’s too late.

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    Having a clear title matters when investing in a property, so why leave anything to chance? Navigating the world of legal and historical documentation can be difficult, and you already have enough on your plate during the property transaction.

    For your next title search, there’s no need to rely on the seller’s word or shoulder the burden of navigating public records yourself. The days of paging through stacks of papers from the library are over with new online reporting.

    Trust the professionals to provide clear, comprehensive results in your title report. Title Search Direct has over 25 years of industry experience, providing property owners and buyers with accurate information with every report.

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