O&E Reports (Current Owner Search) Made Simple

May 31, 2023

Introduction to O&E Reports

When it comes to assessing property ownership and potential encumbrances, an Owner and Encumbrance (O&E) Report is an invaluable tool. This report provides a comprehensive overview of a property’s title history, documenting the time from the current owner’s acquisition to the present. By searching public land records, this process retrieves relevant property-related documents, including open mortgages, liens, and judgments against the current owner. In this article, we will delve into the details of an O&E Report, its contents, turnaround time, cost, and its significance for various parties involved in real estate transactions.

Understanding the Contents of an O&E Report:

Title Search Direct offers an O&E Report that provides crucial information regarding the property’s tax status and assessment details, allowing you to gain a comprehensive financial picture. Additionally, it furnishes a full-value transfer deed, establishing the legitimacy of the current owner’s claim. Reviewing all mortgages taken out by the current owner, the report highlights any open mortgages along with associated documents such as modifications, assignments, or foreclosure actions. Moreover, it covers judgments and liens against both the property and the owner. The final report is delivered in a PDF format, featuring a user-friendly summary sheet.

When Should You Order a Current Owner Search (O&E Report)?

Knowing when to order a Current Owner Search, also known as an O&E Report, can greatly benefit various individuals and organizations involved in real estate transactions. Here are some scenarios where ordering an O&E Report is highly recommended:

1. Real Estate Investors:

For investors looking to purchase properties, especially through auctions, distressed sales, or the use of home-equity loans, an O&E Report is an essential tool. It provides critical information about the property’s title history, encumbrances, and outstanding debts. By obtaining an O&E Report, investors can assess potential risks, evaluate lien payoffs, and make informed decisions about property acquisition before they make an offer.

2. Homebuyers:

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned buyer, ordering an O&E Report can provide peace of mind. It offers a comprehensive overview of the property’s current owner and potential encumbrances, enabling buyers to uncover hidden issues that may affect their ownership rights or property value. This information helps buyers make informed decisions and negotiate more effectively during the purchase process.

3. Financial Institutions:

Lenders and financial institutions often require an O&E Report as part of their due diligence process before approving mortgage loans. By examining the property’s title history, mortgages, liens, and judgments, financial institutions can assess the property’s value and determine potential risks.

4. Attorneys and Title Companies:

Attorneys and title companies involved in real estate transactions rely on O&E Reports to verify ownership. These reports help them verify ownership encumbrances that may require resolution before closing the transaction.

5. Real Estate Professionals:

Real estate agents and brokers can benefit from ordering O&E Reports to better serve their clients. By providing clients with comprehensive information about a property’s ownership history and encumbrances, agents can guide them toward well-informed decisions. O&E Reports enable real estate professionals to address concerns or issues proactively, resulting in smoother transactions and increased client satisfaction.

Clarifying the Scope of a Current Owner Search: Prior Owners and Open Encumbrances

It’s important to note that an O&E Report focuses solely on documents filed during the scope of the search, starting from the current owner’s acquisition. To obtain a report that encompasses more information, an upgrade to a State Statute Search would be required. This upgrade ensures a more comprehensive evaluation of prior owners’ mortgages and liens, and an ownership deed chain required by state statute.

Current Owner Search Turnaround Time: Fast and Expedited Service

Title Search Direct understands the need for prompt service. The standard turnaround time for an O&E Report is typically within 1-2 business days.

Who Benefits from an O&E Report?

O&E Reports are particularly valuable for investors and buyers participating in auctions. When bidding on a property, it’s essential to be aware of title issues before they make an offer. While an O&E Report does not provide title insurance, it serves as a vital resource for understanding the ownership & encumbrances associated with a prospective property.


An Owner and Encumbrance (O&E) Report provides an in-depth analysis of a property’s title history, offering valuable insights into the current owner’s acquisition and subsequent encumbrances.

Ordering a Current Owner Search is beneficial in several real estate scenarios, including property investors seeking to mitigate risks, homebuyers aiming for a secure purchase, financial institutions conducting due diligence, attorneys, title companies, and real estate professionals assisting their clients. By leveraging the valuable insights provided by O&E Reports, stakeholders in real estate transactions can make informed decisions before making an offer on the property.

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