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What Is an Oregon Property Title Search?

It can be so exciting to have found the property of your dreams in Oregon! However, before you take the plunge, you will want to follow some important steps in order to feel fully confident in your purchase. One of these critical steps is conducting a property title search, also known as a real estate title search. In fact, a title search will be a vital step in educating yourself about your real estate decision.

So, what is a property title search? A property title search is a comprehensive report of all of the available information pertaining to a particular property. The information is gathered from public records in the county where said property is located and assembled in order to provide the history and facts relating to that property to the buyer.  

A property title is a legal document that shows proof of ownership over a particular property. The real estate search, therefore, is the report that confirms legal ownership of the property.  An important distinction to be aware of is the difference between “title” and “deed”. The word “title” differs from “deed” in that a deed is only granted to the property owner at the time that any debts against the property, such as a mortgage, have been paid in full.  

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Why Do I Need to Perform an Oregon Property Title Search?

While you may be eager to jump right into your new home in Oregon, it is imperative that you first initiate a property title search. There are a number of reasons you will want to perform a real estate title search, the most important one is so that you can make a thoughtful, educated decision regarding your real estate purchase. A property search will uncover all of the information you need to move forward confidently with your real estate investment.  

The property title search itself will scour the history of the property, uncovering any issues regarding past owners and other various details which may be attached to the property, such as liens, deed restrictions, or claims on the property. Matters such as these could be of concern to the buyer and may affect how you imagine using the property or selling it in the future. It’s possible that you will see certain issues of concern, suggesting a more arduous road ahead than you have had in mind in the process of purchasing this property. On the other hand, you may be relieved to find that there is a very clear and sound path to your real estate purchase. Most importantly, the title search authenticates the seller’s legal right to the property.  

When you initiate a property title search in Oregon, you’ll see not only the current and relevant information relating to the property of interest, but you will also get a detailed account of the property’s unique history.  Any significant events that occurred on the property will likely be disclosed, as well as the specific chain of ownership of the property.  

Occasionally a property title search will unveil other issues which may potentially delay or even prevent the sale of the property. Among these issues are outstanding liens, mismatched names or other claims made on the property. But fear not: These are things that can usually be resolved once they have been identified. Still, it is better to be fully equipped with all of the details made available to you by a property title search in Oregon.

Another way in which a property title search can serve you is if there are any deed restrictions that will affect your use of the property. Deed restrictions relate to what is permitted on the property itself.  For example, there may be restrictions placed on pets, building fences, or obstructing a neighbor’s view. Awareness of any deed restrictions could influence your decision on whether to proceed or not with your real estate investment. Without an Oregon title search, you might not ever consider that such restrictions might be in place.

An easement is one more potential existing condition that only a property title search would reveal. Easements are nonpossessory interests in land of another, entitling the easement holder to limited use of the other’s land. Common examples of easements in Oregon include: right-of-way easements, which allow another party to cross yours, and utility easements, involving the placements of gas lines or electrical wiring. Some others to be aware of are easements providing for drainage, undisturbed slopes, wildlife corridors, view, etc.(1)  Easements are more common than you might think, so before you purchase a property, it is paramount that you know if there is anyone who will have the right to access it.

How Long will my Oregon Title Search Take? 

Just as each and every property is unique and special in Oregon, so is the time required to perform a thorough title search on this property. Factors that may play into the varying time frame include the age of the property and its number of previous owners. For example, a house built in 1920 will have much more history to be examined than one built in 2020. The age of the home and the number of previous owners both contribute to the complexity and scope of the research, resulting in longer times necessary for a proper title search. That said, most Oregon property searches conducted by Title Search Direct can be completed within eight to fourteen business days. Bear in mind that both bank holidays and the demand during peak homebuying season can also affect the time frame of an Oregon title search.  

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