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Why Perform a Property Title Search in Maryland?

Locating your dream home in Maryland can be an extremely exciting time, but before you take the plunge you will want to follow some important steps. Performing a property title search will be one of the vital steps necessary to arm you with the confidence you need for your real estate investment. The title itself will ensure that the seller is in fact the legal owner, preventing any complications down the line. The real estate title search yields a report compiled by public records, disclosing any other encumbrances on your property of interest, such as liens, outstanding debts, easements and deed restrictions, which will be important items to consider.  

The path to your dream real estate purchase should be clear, which is why it is important to get that title search executed. Once completed, you should be armed with all of the necessary information to make an informed, thoughtful decision as to how to proceed with your purchase.

Initiating the title search at the point of purchase is a preventative measure, securing a clear path forward for the buyer by preventing any unknown situations from arising somewhere down the line, even beyond the point of purchase. The buyer needs to know that there will be no question about his or her legal claim to the property beyond the sale. What you don’t want to see arise are hidden debts, outstanding wills or trusts providing the property as an inheritance to someone, or bankruptcies, although often these items of concern can be resolved easily upon discovery.  

Bear in mind that a title differs from a deed in that the title is a document showing proof of ownership of a particular property, whereas a deed is awarded to the owner only after all necessary debts, such as a mortgage, have been paid in full.

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What are Easements and Deed Restrictions? 

We’re so glad you asked. Easements are arrangements put in the place by previous owners which grant partial access to the property. There can be legitimate causes for such arrangements, such as allowing a utility company access in order to lay pipes, electrical lines, or even railroad tracks. Another example of an easement would be allowing a neighbor to cross a piece of the property to reach their residence. In Maryland law, there exist various types of easements, such as light-and-air easements, which prohibit an adjoining property owner from constructing a building or structure that would cut off their neighbor’s access to light or breezes, flowage easements, which involve ownership and regulation of dams, apparent easement, and easement by restriction. (1)

Deed restrictions, on the other hand, are restrictions on the property itself, which might bar the buyer from using the property as a residence or as an office space, for example. It is important to know what circumstances are attached to any property before buying.  

Are Maryland Property Records Public Information?

Yes! In the state of Maryland, property records are considered public information. The Freedom of Information Act mandates that documents used by government facilities for property tax purposes are to be made accessible to the public. 

With that in mind, these records tend to not go into very much detail, in order to protect the private or personal information about past owners. Relevant documents such as trusts and wills are usually available to the public. However, these more detailed documents must be requested from the county records office. 

Who Performs a Maryland Title Search?

Good question! While performing the title property search on your own is a legitimate path to take, it can be taxing on your time and resources. If you would rather free yourself up to focus on negotiating the sale, a professional and experienced company like Title Search Direct can step in to take care of all of your title search needs by independently pulling property records from the public Maryland database. You will have the report in hand as soon as possible so that you will be equipped with all of the relevant information to take the next step. 

How Long Does a Maryland Title Search Take?

The length of time involved in performing a property title search in Maryland depends on the history of the property. Just as every home is different, so is the amount of time it takes to review its history. For example, a house built in 1918 will most likely have a longer chain of ownership and a more complex history than a house built in 2018. A prospective buyer will want to see in detail how many times this property has exchanged hands and any existing circumstances attached, such as outstanding liens or other claims to the property by heirs or co-owners. At Title Search Direct, we can deliver a succinct, detailed report to you within eight-sixteen business days, barring any bank holidays. Do bear in mind that buying during peak homebuying season may add some time to your property title search.  

How Much Does a Real Estate Title Search cost?

Just as the time involved in performing title searches varies from property to property, so does the cost.  A review of an older property will, in most cases, cost more than one built recently. A home with a longer and more complex history will necessarily end up costing more than one with only one or two previous owners. Deeper dives into the history of any given property will coincide with a higher cost. With that in mind, at Title Service Direct we can turn around title searches for as low as $35. Our professional team will work with you to meet your individual needs and take care of all of the details so that you don’t have to. 

The buyer typically pays for the title search fees themselves, but this can be negotiated between the buyer and the seller on a case-to-case basis.

How Can I Get Started?  

At Title Search Direct, our fast team of experienced professionals are standing by to help you get closer to your dream property investment. We will quickly supply you with all of the relevant information associated with your property so that you can make the best decisions regarding your purchase. 

As the top title search provider in the nation, we have spent over 25 years building and expanding, so that we can successfully satisfy every customer across all 50 states. With our speedy service, the days of sifting through piles of documents are over. At Title Search Direct we have immediate access to Maryland’s public property records so that we can quickly compile a comprehensive report of your property of interest. It is our passion for real estate that drives us to deliver the best service in the industry. We turn over every rock in the title search process so that you don’t have to.  

For efficient, reliable service, turn to Title Search Direct, so that we can put our expertise to work while taking the burden off of you. Just use our online search service, and in a mere few clicks, you will be on your way to getting all of the information you need regarding proceeding with your Maryland property purchase.  


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