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Property Title Search FloridaWhat is a Property Title Search?

Before beginning your search, it’s important to understand the basic definition of a property title and a property title search. A property title is a document that shows legal proof of ownership for a property. (1) A property title search is essentially a report assembled based on information gathered through public records on a property that confirms the legal owner of that property.

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Why Perform a Property Title Search in Florida?

Performing a property title search in Florida is a great way to make sure that you are making secure investments. You’ll learn about any potential issues with the property you are looking to purchase so that you are always making educated decisions.

By initiating the property title search process, you’ll be able to uncover any hidden debts or liens against the property as well as easements or restrictions. You’ll also be able to verify the authenticity of the owner’s legal right to the property.

Benefits of Property Title Searches in Florida

There are countless benefits to performing a property title search in Florida in advance of making any real estate purchase. First and foremost, you’re doing due diligence to make sure that the seller has the legal right to enter into a transaction with you. 

Perhaps even more importantly, using an experienced provider like Title Search Direct gives you the opportunity to uncover any liens, debts, easements, or restrictions that could cause issues with your sale or use of the property. You’ll be able to ensure a clear title, which means you can enter into a transaction with the seller knowing all of the information regarding the property’s legal standing.

What Information is Included in a Property Title Search Report in Florida?

A property title search in Florida is made up of seven distinct sections. This report will ultimately reveal any mortgages, liens, or other issues that pertain to a specific property. Each of these factors will determine if and how a property may be sold.

Apparent Title Vested In

The first section states the current owner of the property. In a scenario where you are purchasing the property, this section will contain the name of the person from whom you are buying it, who is often referred to as the “grantor.” You may also find information about the grantor’s deed in this section.

Description of Real Property

The second section describes the location of the property and where its public records can be found. The property’s location in the official record book, including book type and page number, will also be found in this section.

Muniments of Title

In the third section, you’ll find the property’s ownership history. Any legal issues that have come up in the past will also be documented here.

Mortgages, Assignments, and Modifications

The fourth section includes information pertaining to mortgages, and here you will find information including the date the mortgage was taken, the lender, and the amount of the mortgage.

Other Property Liens and Other Encumbrances

The section includes any liens against the property. In the event that a lien is written into the chain of title, the property owner has to take care of that indebtedness. If any other party has a right or interest to the property, that is referred to as an encumbrance. This section will let you know if there are any encumbrances on the property.


If there are any easements or restrictions on the property, this section will outline that information.

Tax Information

The last section contains the tax status of the property, including whether or not taxes have been paid or how much is due.

How Much is a Title Search in Florida?

The price of a property title search in Florida varies depending on the complexity of the search. Properties with detailed, lengthy histories will require more work than those with shorter histories. If other types of searches must also be performed, such as a search for trusts or wills to reveal any potential heirs, it will also impact the cost of the search. This type of search, known as a full search, will uncover all of the public information pertaining to the property.

On the other hand, simple searches that only require digging into the owner of the property will be significantly less costly. By choosing Title Search Direct, you begin your title search in Florida for as low as $35.

Who Completes the Title Search in the Buying Process?

When you’re buying a property, a title company is usually responsible for the search process any time a title search is initiated. While it’s true that all of the information contained in the property title search is public record, it’s not always easy to uncover. A professional title search company like Title Search Direct has the experience and resources to find, analyze, and collate all of the necessary information into a succinct and accurate report.

If you’re dealing with a property that has several decades of complex ownership history, reporting can easily become muddled and confusing; in some cases it can even become difficult to understand all of the legal language and processes. Using a title search company ensures that all of the information contained in the report is clear and digestible.

In the state of Florida, the seller of a property is generally responsible for the cost of the property title search report. There are some exceptions to that rule depending on the laws within specific counties.

How Long Does a Title Search Take?

For the most part, a Florida property title search at Title Search Direct can be completed within eight to fourteen business days, though it can be longer in the event of a bank holiday as well as during peak homebuying season. 

Another variable that factors into how long a property title search may take is the complexity of the search and the age of the property. It’s a good rule of thumb that the older the property, the longer it will take to perform a detailed and thorough search because there is understandably more documentation to sift through and collate.

Additionally, the length of the search will be determined by how extensive the search is and the type of search being performed. If you wish to uncover additional information regarding legal disputes surrounding the property line, building, or land, the search may take longer.

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