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What is a California Property Title Search?

Congratulations! You have found your California dream home or property! Now, before making that final transaction, there are a number of necessary steps to be assured that you are making the best decision. One of the most important of these steps is performing a property title search. Also known as a real estate title search, this document will provide you with legal proof of ownership for a property. A property title search is a report that is made up of information researched, gathered and compiled for your convenience from public records, confirming the legal ownership of that property.

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Is a Title the Same as a Deed? 

No! But we’re glad you asked! They are commonly used interchangeably, but the difference is significant. While a “title” is the document that proves ownership of a specific property, a “deed” is granted to the owner of the property to prove ownership, once any debts against it, such as a mortgage or a lien, have been paid in full.

For more information regarding titles and deeds, visit our FAQ page.

Why Perform a Property Title Search in California?

There are a number of reasons to perform a property title search when buying a home in California. Most importantly, a property title search will verify the authenticity of the owner’s legal right to sell the property. It can guarantee you the peace of mind you need to proceed with your purchase. Additionally, the report will reveal any significant factors, such as hidden debts, liens against the property, or deed restrictions and easements, which may inform your path forward. Any of the aforementioned conditions might affect how you would want to use the property, or how you might want to sell it in the future. In all cases, a property title search is an important step in understanding the history of your California property so that you can make the best and most informed decisions regarding your purchase. 

What is the Cost of a California Property Title Search?

The cost of a California Property Title Search can vary, depending on the type of property you are pursuing. A centuries-old home, for example, may entail deeper, more complex research than a more recently-built-home. In the case of an older home, it might be more likely to have had multiple owners, creating extensive documentation in public records, whereas a newer home would be more apt to have fewer previous owners, involving less research into its history. The cost for a California property title search is dependent on the depth and the scope of the search required for any property of interest. 

The depth and the scope of the search will be based on your individual needs and requirements. A more elaborate search into details such as wills, trusts, or potential heirs, for example, will coincide with a higher price. A request for a full search, which uncovers all of the public information relating to the property, may result in an even higher price point.  

Fortunately, simple searches executed by Title Search Direct can start as low as $35. When you find yourself at the right moment to perform a California real estate title search on the property of your desire, Title Search Direct is happy to provide you with an individualized price, based on your specific needs. 

Can I Check My Own Home Title?

If you would like to pursue a title search on a property you already own, you may do so at the registry of the deeds office within your county. Please note that if you are still paying a mortgage, you will not yet have a deed, but the records of ownership will be available to you.

If you have difficulty locating the title or prefer to enlist the aid of a professional, a title search provider, like Title Search Direct, can perform a property title search for you.

Who Completes the Title Search in the California Buying Process?

When you have reached the appropriate time for a real estate title search during your purchasing process, you might be inclined to do the search on your own. While this is an accepted and legally sound route to take, it is not necessarily recommended. For novices, the legal jargon involved in the public records can be daunting. Additionally, any elaborate chains of property ownership resulting in potentially extensive and complicated histories may be difficult for the real estate beginner to interpret. 

To bypass the inherent challenges in doing a search on your own, you may choose to enlist the services of a professional and experienced title search company, like Title Search Direct, who is equipped to manage the search of complex property histories. Working with a professional title search company ensures that your questions will be answered accurately and in a timely manner. 

As a potential home buyer, bear in mind the importance of understanding a property title search and how it could potentially affect your closing. (1)

How Long Will it Take to Perform a California Title Search?

Just as in the cost, the time involved in completing a California property title search will vary, depending on the scope and the complexity of the search. For example, if the property has had multiple owners and a more involved history, there will likely be more documents in the public records to interpret and report. All of this has bearing on the time involved to do so.   Again, if the property is newer and has a simpler history, the title search will be shorter.  

With that in mind, the majority of the California property title searches performed by Title Search Direct can be completed within eight to fourteen business days. Bear in mind that other influencing factors, such as bank holidays or buying during peak homebuying season, can influence the time it will take to complete your real estate title search. The extent of the search will also impact the amount of time necessary to complete the final report.

Ready to Get Started with Your California Property Title Search?

If you are ready to get started with your real estate title search, look no further than Title Search Direct. Our 25 years of professional experience has led us to being our nation’s top title search provider. Rooted in our professionalism is our passion for real estate, which is why both new and seasoned home buyers rely on our expertise.

Our team gains true satisfaction from providing our clients with fast, easy, and reliable service.  No job is too big or too small. You can count on us to understand the ins and outs of the California title search process like none other and to arm you with all the information you need to move ahead confidently with your real estate purchase.  

Our team of seasoned, top professionals is standing by to get you started with your California real estate title search. Our aim is to make sure you are equipped to make the best decision in your home-buying process. Call on us to get the job done thoroughly and to your satisfaction.  

To initiate your California property title search, simply use our online service. In no time at all, you will be on your way to having the information you need to make your real estate purchase dreams come true.  

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