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What is an Alabama Property Title Search?

There is nothing more exciting than finding your dream home in Alabama. But before you take the plunge you will want to follow some important steps, including performing something called a property title search, also referred to as a real estate title search. A property title search is a document consisting of information gathered from public records that shows legal proof of ownership over a property. Whether this property is destined for a personal residence, an office space, or a store front, you will want to make sure that the person selling it to you has the legal right to do so.

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Is Title the Same as Deed?

No! And we’re glad you asked. Chances are that you have heard people use the terms “title” and “deed” interchangeably, but they are not one in the same, and it’s important that you understand the difference. While “Title” is the word used to describe the document that represents a person’s legal rights to ownership over a property, a “deed” is awarded to a person only after all debts against said property, such as a mortgage or a lien, are paid off in full.   

For more information regarding titles and deeds, visit our FAQ page.

Why Perform an Alabama Real Estate Title Search?

The most important reason to perform a real estate title search is to ensure that the person selling to you is legally entitled to do so. Beyond that, you will want to know more details about your property of interest to guarantee that your real estate investment is secure. There may be outstanding circumstances attached to said property that will influence your decision to move forward. The property title search report will reveal any potential issues which might complicate or further embolden your next move.  

Examples of items or conditions that your property title search might uncover are hidden debts, liens against the property, deed restrictions or easements attached to the property. Many of these issues may be addressed and resolved easily upon their discovery, but some could cause you trouble further down the line. It is imperative that you are aware of them prior to your purchase, as any one of them could affect your plans for said property or how you might sell it in the future.  

How Much Does an Alabama Property Title Search Cost?

Just as every property is varied and distinct, so is the cost attached to the time and resources required to conduct a property title search. For example, an older home may have a complicated and storied history, which will involve more time and manpower to explore and compile into a succinct report, while a newer home may require less time and prove to be a simpler endeavor. The cost of your property title search will be reflected in the time involved in performing the search. 

The depth and scope of the property title search will also affect the cost. For example, if you are investigating an older property and choose to do a deep dive into more detailed documents like wills and trusts, this will invite a larger study of a broader array of documents within the public records. For a property title search such as this, the cost would naturally be higher. 

On the other hand, a newer Alabama property will likely have a much shorter history and chain of ownership, simplifying and shortening the real estate title search. If you choose to enlist Title Search Direct, these kinds of searches typically start as low as $35. Whatever your situation, Title Search Direct will calculate a price based on the specifics of the property and your individual needs.

Can I Check My Own Home Title?

Yes! Home titles are public records, so you should be able to locate the public records of your property at the registry of deeds office in your county. Please remember that you will not find the actual deed if you are still in the process of paying off your mortgage. However, records of ownership will still be available. 

If you encounter any difficulty in your search or would rather enlist the services of an outside party, you may want to reach out to a team of professionals. A title search provider like Title Search Direct can help you with any and all of your property search needs.  

Who Completes the Title Search in Alabama?

When you reach the moment in your real estate purchasing process when it is time to initiate a property title search in Alabama, you will need to make an important decision about who will conduct the search. While it is the legal right of the individual to conduct the title search independently, it is not generally recommended, as the search has the potential to deplete the buyer’s time and resources. Properties with a long list of owners and complex histories, for example, can present substantial challenges to a novice.  

Just as the histories can be complex, so can the actual process of title search. For example, the documentation may feel foreign to someone not familiar with Alabama real estate requirements, and the legal jargon may be daunting. For these reasons, it is recommended that the buyer enlist the help of a seasoned professional. A company like Title Search Direct is able to swiftly and efficiently conduct the research necessary for a comprehensive, detailed and accurate report.  

In the state of Alabama, the cost of the property title search is generally split between the buyer and seller at $100-$150 each. (1)

How Long Does it Take to Perform an Alabama Title Search?

The time involved in conducting a property title search in Alabama correlates directly to the amount of material existing which pertains to said property. A property that has an extensive  history will by nature require more time to investigate. A simpler history will be less complicated and involve less time, resulting in a quicker turnaround.   

At Title Search Direct, property title searches typically result in a time frame of eight to fourteen business days, barring any bank holidays. Buying during peak homebuying season can also affect the time frame. That said, most Alabama property title searches can be performed in a time frame that ranges between eight and fourteen business days, barring any bank holidays. During peak homebuying season searches can also be delayed. 

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It’s never been easier to initiate your next Alabama property title search. Simply use our online search service, and in just a few clicks our team will be busy retrieving the public record information you need to move forward with your real estate purchase.


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