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What is a Real Estate Title Search?

A property title search is an in-depth search for data about a specific property’s history, debts, and current ownership. (1) These documents are tracked down using public records resources like the local registry of deeds and courthouse.

Just by viewing a title search report, you’ll have generations of data about the land and building’s history at your fingertips in an easy, readable format.

“Because ownership of a piece of property isn’t easily tracked simply by looking at who lives there […] [a] title helps to make it clear who owns a specific piece of land.”

Depending on the type of search you need, a professional title search provider like Title Search Direct will also review other public records, identifying any public wills or trusts that include the property to provide you with peace of mind in your investment.

We understand what it means to have accurate information both accessible and expedient, with search reports starting at just $35.

When to Start Property Title Search NC

There is no wrong time to start the process for a property title search NC. If you are selling your home, ensuring you have a clear title before the property goes to market will facilitate a quicker sale.

For buyers, a title search is a necessary part of the fact-checking process to ensure you have all the information on-hand to make an educated investment in the property.

When a title search is done at this stage, any defects with the title or property history will not come as a surprise, and they can be negotiated around and resolved before the final sale agreement.

The next time you’re looking to complete a search on a property, choose the property title search NC residents trust: Title Search Direct.

Our team has been retrieving and researching public records for property title information for over 25 years, serving clients across the nation. We are revolutionizing the title search process, bringing this data into the digital age.

Common Problems Discovered During a Title Search

The three most common title problems that may come up during a title search are mismatched names, hidden co-owners, or liens that must be paid before the property can be sold with a clean title.

Left until the last minute, these problems can significantly delay the sale process or prevent the sale entirely until the matter is resolved.

Mis-matched names are common if an owner changes their name and fails to update the title, however, in some cases, the seller is not the same individual as the owner and may not have legal permission to sell the home.

Hidden co-owners can throw a wrench into the transaction process, as all owners must sign off on the sale, making the process difficult to resolve if a co-owner is deceased or unable to be located.

Liens are debts that must be paid before the home is sold. In many cases, liens that have been paid but not resolved on the title – common with temporary liens like mechanics liens – are easy to resolve by contacting the agent and requesting they file a resolution of the debt.

How to Fix Title Problems If You Own the Home

If you own the home and are looking to sell, or simply clear the title to remove any responsibilities, you will need to resolve any claims, liens, or debts placed on the title.

For these claims to appear on the title, they must be legally filed with the registry of deeds either by an individual, agent, through the bank, or the court.

Depending on the claim, you may be able to go through these entities to find out more information about the claim, but it is best to try calling the claim owner directly to resolve the debt and have them file a resolution.

In almost all circumstances, especially in the case of tax liens or mortgage liens, these debts must first be paid off before you can clear these claims from the title.

If you are unable to get in contact with the claim owner or if you believe a claim is fraudulent, you can take the debt to the local court office for further instruction on resolving the item.

Are Property Records Public?

Yes, property records are public since these documents are used in the processing of property taxes. Because they are handled by government facilities – such as the registry of deeds – they must be accessible by the public in accordance with the freedom of information act.

While these records are publicly accessible, the information about the property owners is limited, only providing basic information to avoid unnecessarily exposing private information.

Other records that include the property, such as wills and trusts, may also be publicly available. These documents must be requested from the registry of deeds in the county they were filed in.

How Can I Find Out Who Owns the Property?

At the registry of deeds office, you can request information on a property that will provide you with the public record of who owns the property and some basic information about its current legal status and any liens or claims on the property.

The owner is not always the person residing on the property; for example, in rented apartments, the tenant’s names will not appear on any paperwork for the property outside of a lease agreement. The landlord and any co-owners of the property, however, would appear on the documentation.

Locating the deed or title is the easiest way to discover who legally owns a property. Cross-referencing the owner and seller’s name is an important part of purchasing a property, as only the owner is legally allowed to sell a property, and any co-owners must also sign off on the sale agreement.

How do I Check My Home Title?

If you’re unsure about the details of a property you already own, you can typically find your title at the registry of deeds office in the county your property is located in. If you are still paying a mortgage on the property, you aren’t going to have the deed yet, but you can still locate the records of ownership.

If you do have a recent title on hand, reviewing the information on the paper will help you discover any current issues or liens on the property. The previous owner information provides you with the information you will need to find the previous title in the line of historical documents filed on the home or business. You’ll find more about this on our home page.

Alternatively, you can still use the services of a professional title search provider and request information on the property that you currently own.

Search Property Records Fast: Title Search Direct

Don’t settle for delaying the sale because the manual title search is going to take longer than expected. The team at Title Search Direct are experienced in researching and retrieving information from public record quickly, providing you with faster title searches in North Carolina than ever before.

Over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry as title search providers, our team understands that fast service is critical, especially in the thick of the homebuying process. You don’t want to deal with more paperwork than necessary, so we’ve made the process as simple and convenient as possible.

With expedient, accurate services, you can rest assured knowing your home or property investment is sound with all public information about the property in hand. If problems do arise, they can be handled promptly and upfront.

After all, you can trust the seller’s word, but title issues arise as unresolved claims that owners are unaware of. With a clear title, there’s no more guesswork or questions about the property’s legality. Just a simple, fast transfer of ownership.

It’s really that easy to discover information on your next property. Get started with Title Search Direct and begin your search in just a few clicks.

Avoid Transaction Delays

Don’t wait until the last minute to clear any claims or debts from the title. Undiscovered issues with a clouded title can cause significant transaction delays or prevent the sale entirely.

By uncovering these issues early in the sale process, they can be addressed immediately while other paperwork is being done by the bank or real estate agent.

With the help of a professional title search provider, you can avoid these sometimes-costly transaction delays, allowing you to gain insight into the property’s record and make a better-informed investment on your next purchase.

Convenient Online Processing

Easy online processing with Title Search Direct allows you to initiate a title search at the click of a button.

Simply search for your state, enter your property details, checkout, and our team will start retrieving and compiling information from public records. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Don’t take chances with your legal documents. Leave the search to the professionals with fast, convenient services for any property nationwide. We check standard title search information, as well as any records that are specific to the state of North Carolina, or the county the property is located in.


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