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What’s Included in a Property Title Search NY?

When you initiate a title search you can expect to receive a detailed report back showcasing the details of the property’s public records. This is a necessary part of the purchase process to ensure there are no hidden claims on the property.

Depending on the search type you choose, this may confirm the seller legally owns the home, or it may reveal unresolved liens or claims on the title, potentially preventing or delaying the sale.

What is the Difference Between a Title and a Deed?

A deed shows that the named owner of the property has a right to live on and use the property. It is a physical piece of paper awarded to the owner when a debt – such as a mortgage lien – is paid off.

A title will show you detailed information about the property, as well as any liens or other claims that might be placed on it. This is representative of the rights and ownership that the property owner has over the plot. Check out our FAQs page for more information.

How Do I Check My Home Title?

To check your own title, you can pull records from the registry of deeds in the county the property is located in.

If you own the property, checking the title is as easy as referencing the deed and title given to you by the bank. This should be an updated version of the paperwork that includes any liens, including mechanics liens for unpaid work done on the property.

If you don’t own the property, a mortgage lien will be placed on the title, certifying that the bank owns it until the debt is paid when the official ownership of the clean title transfers to you.

Fast, Accurate New York Property Title Search Services

When pulling property title search NY information, it’s important to have strong attention to detail, as any mistakes or claims hidden within the hours of paperwork and research could become crucial in establishing the validity of the property and ensuring the buyer’s future ownership isn’t invalidated.

That’s why so many people choose to work with Title Search Direct. Our team is passionate about accurate real estate information, providing buyers with the details they need to make an informed decision on their investment.

Comprehensive Searches

We search New York public records to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed report showcasing the property’s most accurate historical story. Our team has decades of experience in retrieving and researching public records to find the details that matter most to the buying process and future ownership.

With a detailed full report, you can learn everything about the property whether it’s a residential or commercial plot, down to historical property line disputes and deed restrictions that might change the way you use the property.

Access to Title Information

Putting a property through a title search allows you to access information about the property’s past that might otherwise go undiscovered during the sale.

The information in a title search can help you make a better-informed decision on the property, facilitating a streamlined and easy sale, as well as providing you with potential negotiating power if any defects are found.

A title search provider will help you find accurate information on any property across New York, giving you peace of mind in the future of your ownership.

Discover Hidden Problems

The benefits of having a title search performed on a property before committing to the purchase go beyond just discovering hidden debts or problems, but it also allows the seller to clear up any issues with the title ahead of time. (1)

“Sometimes the title search company can quickly clear up any problems with the title that could prevent you from having undisputed ownership.”

A smooth sale is worth a lot in the fast-paced world of real estate, and it’s in both the buyer’s and seller’s interest to ensure the title is clean before proceeding with the transaction. Depending on the status of the clouded title, some liens or claims could prevent the sale from occurring entirely, wasting your time when you could be on the hunt for a different property.

How Much is a Title Search in NY?

The cost of any title service will depend on how extensive the search is. If the property has a long, complex history, records will need to be pulled several years back.

Additionally, a search for trusts or wills on the property is necessary to reveal any heirs with a legal claim that have not yet been discovered. This type of search is considered a full search and reveals any public information related to the property.

Relatively new developments, however, often only need to review land records going back more than a few generations.

For searches that dig into information about the property owners, not necessarily any liens or debts that the property itself has, a simple one- or two-owner search is enough to verify these details. With Title Search Direct, searches start at just $35.

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With Title Search Direct, the top nationwide title search provider, you can rely on fast and easy service. You no longer have to tirelessly search yourself, hoping no records were missed or relying on a snail-mail service that provides the information weeks from your requested date.

Real estate is our passion, and with 25 years of industry experience researching and retrieving public records for property title search NY, we understand the process like no other.

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