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Why Perform a Property Title Search in Illinois?

Performing a property title search in Illinois helps ensure your investment is sound, identifying any potential problems with the purchase and helping you make a more informed decision overall.

Initiating the title search at the point of purchase prevents the new owner from encountering any problems in the future related to the authenticity of the sale and the new owner’s claim on the property.

This process is especially important for first-time homebuyers or prospective owners of commercial real estate, as the title search will also uncover hidden liens and debts against the property, as well as any usage restrictions on the property.

Benefits of Checking the Title Before Purchasing the Property

Many benefits come from checking the title before you purchase a property; primarily, this ensures that the seller has the legal right to sell you the property so that you become the legal owner rather than wasting your investment on a property you cannot legally own.

Title searches are performed by checking public records that have been filed with the local clerk, allowing you to see into the legal history of the property well before you take ownership of it, even down to disputes over the property line.

A professional property title search from providers likeTitle Search Direct also provides information about the status of the property to ensure there are no liens, debts, or restrictions that may modify your intended use of the property or delay the sale. With a clear title, you no longer have to guess about the property’s legal standing.

Search Property Records

Title Search Direct makes it easy to acquire property records from the public Illinois database. We take care of the work so you can focus on negotiating the sale.

You’ll have the report in hand as soon as possible, providing you with all the information necessary to take the next step.

Available Information Online

Using the latest digital technology possible, you can now request property title searches from Title Search Direct in just a few clicks.

We live in a new age of technology; don’t settle for doing things the old way, sorting through paperwork and waiting for days for each new document to arrive.

Our team is experienced at pulling public records and disseminating the information into an easy-to-read and accurate title search report so you can enjoy reliable and fast results.

What Should and Shouldn’t Be There

When you receive the title search back, you should expect to see a line of deeds of ownership going back from when the house was first built. (1) This also allows you to verify that the seller is legally able to sell the property to you if they are the current sole owner.

“When someone has a lien placed against their property […] [it] would make the new owner responsible for resolving the lien.”

What you don’t want to see on the title are any liens, outstanding wills or trusts providing the property as an inheritance to someone, bankruptcies, or claims to the property by heirs or co-owners.

Any of these defects will take time to remedy, delaying the sale process significantly, or preventing it entirely.

Still, it is critical to have this preliminary title search done before completing the transaction, as a sale without a clear title may put your ownership in question later.

How to Pull a Title on a Property in Illinois

The information in a title search can shed insight into the building and land’s historical record, debts, and any liabilities that come with it, it’s a critical part of the transaction to have done with attention to detail.

To pull a title on a property, your first visit relies on the local registry of deeds. From here, you’ll be able to ask the clerk what is necessary to pull the most recent deed. Once you’ve done that, you can locate the deed before it, and the deed before it, giving you a successive line of property deeds until the date the house was built.

Depending on the type of search, a professional title search provider will also pull information related to the property restrictions, any mentions of the property in public wills, and other relevant information that the deed may not hold.

The deed often only reports the owner of the property from that time, as well as any liens or mortgages that were applied to the deed by court order. Other restrictions may be a part of other public records.

When purchasing property, it only makes sense to protect your investment, but with all the steps involved in purchasing a home or commercial building, it’s no wonder shortcuts exist. It’s a difficult balance between doing less work and ensuring your investment is

With Title Search Direct, you never have to make that difficult decision again.  Our professional team will research and retrieve any records about the property, doing the work for you so you can ensure your investment is made with all the information at hand.

Easy Property Title Search Illinois

Don’t let the title search fall by the wayside. Just because it’s a lot of paperwork doesn’t mean it has to take a long time, and you don’t have to rely on word of mouth as an alternative.

With our fast services, we provide the comprehensive property title search Illinois has been looking for. Title Search Direct has been providing fast and accurate title searches for over 25 years.

Since our team first began retrieving public records for local properties, we’ve expanded into a nationwide operation, serving all of Illinois with easy online ordering capabilities, revolutionizing the world of title searches in the buying process.

Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible, providing an affordable service so that everyone can make an informed decision about the IL property.

Long gone are the days of filing through library records and receiving a book’s worth of paperwork; with our nationwide service, you can initiate as many searches as you need across Illinois in just a few clicks.

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