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What is a Property Title Search?

So you have found your desired property in Louisiana! Before you go any further, you will want to take a number of important steps which will make you feel secure in your purchase.  One of the most vital of these steps is a property title search, otherwise known as a real estate title search, which is a report consisting of the information available through public records that details the history and proof of ownership of said property. You will want to know that the person or entity selling you the property is the actual legal owner before you move forward with your purchase.

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What is the Difference Between a Title and a Deed?

While these two words are commonly used interchangeably, a title and a deed are actually distinctly different. While a title represents the rights and ownership that the property owner has over the property, a deed is actually awarded to the property owner only after any outstanding debt against the property, such as a mortgage, has been paid in full. A title will tell you in detail if there are any liens or claims that have been placed on the property, as well as arm you with all of the other relevant historical data relating to that property.  

For more information regarding titles and deeds, visit our FAQ page.

Why Perform a Property Title Search in Louisiana?

Before you make your real estate purchase in Louisiana, you might consider the many reasons to perform a property title search. The number one reason is to ensure that you are making a sound real estate investment. A title search will arm you with all of the information pertaining to your property of interest, helping you to understand its history and any complicating factors that might impede or even derail the sale. On the other hand, it may lay out a simple path forward to the Louisiana home of your dreams. Most importantly, it will help you to make educated and thoughtful decisions regarding the property you are interested in purchasing.

A property title search will uncover in detail any hidden debts, liens, claims, deed restrictions and easements that may be attached to your desired property. Any of these could potentially affect how you choose to use the property or how you might choose to sell it later on. They may even impact your decision to buy. 

Deed Restrictions, Easements, and Servitudes 

When performing a property title search in Louisiana, you may come across certain deed restrictions or easements in the history detailed in its public records.  A deed restriction can be anything from being prohibited to build a fence around the property to not being able to run a business out of your home.  Any deed restrictions would be critical to know about in the investigation of your new purchase.    

A property title search will also reveal any easements on said property. An easement is an arrangement put in place by a previous owner that allows other parties access to certain parts of their property for particular reasons, such as crossing a driveway to access a separate property. Another common example of an easement would be granting access to certain portions of one’s property to utility companies for installing gas or electric lines. Louisiana is the only state which also recognizes servitudes, which are similar to easements. (1)

Learn the Purchase History

When you perform a property title search, you will see a list of the previous owners, the number of times it has changed hands, as well as any significant events that may have occurred on the property over the years. Each property is unique and your investment is worthy of an in-depth study. 

Discover Hidden Issues

Common issues that can come to light in a property title search are outstanding liens, claims made by heirs, mismatched names, and unpaid taxes or other debts.  In many cases, these situations can be easily resolved, but if not addressed before the sale, they can be an impediment to the actual sale itself or become a problem later on.  

How Much is a Title Search in Louisiana?

Just as every property is different, so is the length of time it will take to conduct a thorough title search  A Louisiana house dating back to the 1800’s, for example, will likely have a longer chain of owners and a more complex history to sift through and examine, whereas a more recently built home would entail a simpler study. The cost of the property title search will coincide with the time involved in performing the search itself.  

You may choose to add further searches, such as those for trusts, wills, or potential heirs, and for this, there would be additional costs. A full search, which uncovers all of the public information relating to your property of interest, will be more expensive as well. That said, with Title Search Direct, you can begin your title search in Louisiana for as little as $35.

How Long Does a Title Search Take?

The amount of time it will take to perform a property title search in Louisiana will similarly coincide with the breadth and the depth of the property’s history. The more detail required, the longer the search will take. That said, should you choose to go with Title Search Direct, you can count on a completed property title search within eight to fourteen business days, barring bank holidays and the high demand that occurs during peak buying season, which can affect the time frame as well.  

Who Completes the Title Search in Louisiana?

During the buying process, there will come a time when a title search must be initiated and completed by a title search company. While you are entitled to check your Louisiana property title yourself, it may prove more challenging than you would expect. Despite the fact that the information collected for said property exists in public records, it can sometimes be difficult to locate. Additionally, the legal jargon can be hard to understand. If you choose to enlist the services of a professional property title search company, such as Title Search Direct, you can rely on having a thorough, succinct, easily digestible report delivered to you within a short amount of time. 

In the state of Louisiana, most often the buyer is responsible for the title fees. 

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