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What is an Indiana Property Title Search?

So you have found your dream home in Indiana!  Before jumping in, you will want to feel absolutely secure in what could possibly be the single most important investment of your life. A property title search, otherwise known as a real estate title search, is one of the steps you will take to gain this security. In basic terms, a title search is a review of the public records to determine proper ownership of a property, guaranteeing the seller’s legal right to engage in the sale. It might also disclose items of concern, such as open liens on the property or other outstanding debts. All of the information included in a property title search is integral to a buyer’s decision-making process and is critical to ensure that the ownership is transferred free and clear of issues.

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Are “Deed” and “Title” the Same Thing?

Actually, they are not! While folks commonly confuse the two, a title represents the rights to ownership that a person has over a property, while a deed is only awarded to the owner after all debts against such property, such as a mortgage, have been paid in full.   

For more information regarding titles and deeds, visit our FAQ page.

Why Perform a Real Estate Title Search in Indiana?

When purchasing a property in Indiana, you will want to be certain that nothing that property’s history will prohibit you from moving forward with ease. A title search will bring to light any issues that could potentially complicate the process, such as liens, hidden debts, claims by an heir, easements and deed restrictions.  Any of the above could influence your decision to buy or how to use the property itself, as well as how you may imagine selling it later on. The most critical function of the real estate title search is to verify the authenticity of the owner’s legal right to enter into a transaction with you.

What are Deed Restrictions and Easements?

Generally speaking, deed restrictions are limitations on what you can do with your property, such as running a business or the size and type of fence you may be permitted to build.  Easements, on the other hand, are arrangements made by a prior owner with outside parties, granting them the right to access their property for a particular purpose and for a particular time, i.e. utility companies requiring access to lay pipes or electrical wiring. 

How Much Does an Indiana Property Title Search Cost?

In your search, you have probably come across many types of properties and noted their differences, big and small. Because every property is unique, there is no set price for a title search. Instead, the cost is calculated by the amount of time and resources dedicated to properly researching said property via the information made available by accessing public records. In the case of a home built in the 1920s, for example, there will likely be a long chain of ownership and numerous pieces of history to discover and disclose in a comprehensive report, whereas, a home built in 2020 will likely be a much simpler study, having likely had only one previous owner and much less activity. 

Another contributing factor will be the scope of the search requested by the prospective buyer. Extra time devoted to a deeper search into wills and trusts or potential heirs, for example, will result in a higher price point.   

That said, a simple search can be relatively inexpensive. For example, searches at Title Search Direct can be as low as $35. So, when you are ready to initiate your property title search, Title Search Direct can provide you with an individual price, designed specifically for the Indiana property you have your sights set on. 

Can I Check My Own Home Title?

Sure! If you would like to gain information regarding your own Indiana property, you can search the property title records by locating the registry of deeds in your county. Such information is  available to you by law. However, if you have difficulty locating the title or you would prefer to seek the help of a professional, a company like Title Search Direct can perform a real estate search on your behalf. 

Bear in mind that if you are still paying your mortgage, a deed will not yet be available to you.  However, you will have access to records of ownership of your Indiana property. 

Who Completes the Title Search in the Indiana Buying Process?

When the time comes, it will be up to you to decide who will perform the real estate title search for your desired property. While there are no laws preventing you from conducting the search yourself, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the complicated histories that such a search can uncover. To a novice, the legal jargon can be intimidating, not to mention the details of the surveys, chain of title, taxes, and civil judgments in the county where the property is located. 

For these reasons, a professional title search company could be an asset to you. Title Search Direct, for example, will deliver an accurate, comprehensive report in language that is easily digestible right into your hands. 

In Indiana, sellers typically pay for the title and closing service fees at closing. (1)

How Long Does it Take to Perform a Title Search in Indiana?

The time it takes to complete an Indiana property title search will vary, largely based on the same factors that influence the cost. The largest factor is, once again, the scope and depth of the property’s history. An older property will naturally have more documentation in public records to sift through than will a newer piece of real estate. 

With that in mind, the bulk of property title searches performed by Title Search Direct in Indiana can be completed within eight to fourteen business days. Circumstances affecting that time frame include bank holidays, the inherent demand of buying during peak homebuying season, and how deep of a search you will require. Certain deep dives into such legal documents as wills and trusts will likely affect the length of the time involved in completing your search.

How Do I Get Started with my Indiana Property Title Search?

It has never been easier to get going with your property title search. At Title Search Direct, we have a seasoned team of professionals standing by to help you with all of your title search needs. With over 25 years of experience, we have the tools and the expertise to deliver a succinct, detailed report to you in no time with all of the necessary information pertaining to your property. No job is too big or too small for us. As the nation’s top title search provider, we leave no stone unturned and are deeply committed to our customer’s satisfaction.  

You need look no further than Title Search Direct to help you make the most informed decisions you can make regarding your Indiana real estate investment. We look forward to hearing from you! Just use our online search service to get started and in just a few clicks, our team will be hard at work helping you to acquire the Indiana home of your dreams. 


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