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What is a Property Title Search?

Congratulations! You have just found your dream property in Idaho. While it may be tempting to jump right into the sale, you will want to take a few necessary steps first. A title search, otherwise known as a real estate title search, will be one such essential step to take at the point of purchase. First and foremost, it will confirm that the seller is the legal owner of the property and has the right to enter a transaction with you. Secondly, it will disclose to you any encumbrances attached to said property, listed in public records. A title search may uncover items that may warrant further investigation, or it may give you a clear green light to move forward. Without question, you will need to conduct a property title search so that you are armed with the proper information to make a sound decision regarding your investment.

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Why Do I Need to Perform an Idaho Property Title Search?

The reasons you will want to perform a property title search on your prospective Idaho home are many and varied. This could be the single most important investment of your life, and you deserve to know exactly what you are walking into. While the path may seem clear on the surface, there are sometimes items of concern that lie underneath and are not to be overlooked. 

Examples of issues that may arise during a real estate title search are hidden debts, liens on the property, deed restrictions and easements, pending probate issues, or errors or defects in the chain of title. Matters such as these could potentially complicate and delay the buying process for you or may cause you further inconvenience down the line. They also may affect how you choose to sell the property later on. In some cases, there are even issues that come to lig​​ht, such as a potential claim to the property via inheritance, which will impede or prevent the actual sale or bring the validity of the sale into question sometime in the future.  

While many issues that arise during an Idaho property title search can be easily resolved with the relevant parties, there may be some that imply a longer purchase transaction than the one you had in mind, which is why it is vital that you are made aware of any and all possible impediments towards obtaining your future home. Most importantly, you must be sure that the seller is the legal owner and has the right to transfer the property to you. 

What are Easements and Deed Restrictions?

We’re glad you asked! An easement is the right to cross someone else’s land for a specified purpose and for a specific amount of time. Examples of easements are granting utility companies access for laying pipes or electrical wiring or allowing access to a driveway for a neighbor to gain entry to their home. 

Deed restrictions, on the other hand, are documents that are tied to properties that can detail a variety of provisions that limit how the property is transferred or used. They can limit, for example, what you build and certain other activities you might pursue on your property. Some deed restrictions prohibit running a business out of your home, obstructing your neighbor’s views, or even erecting signs on your property. 

While deed restrictions and easements can commonly be negotiated or resolved, either could prove inconvenient and costly. Disputes could potentially arise and get contentious, leading to the necessity for legal intervention. With a property title search in hand, potential headaches like these can be avoided. Most certainly, being aware of any such conditions attached to a property is a must. 

Are Idaho Property Records Public?

Yes! The Idaho Public Records Law is one of the newer Sunshine Laws in the United States and comes with solid government transparency. Every public agency, municipality, and other government branch is subject to the law and must disclose documents about the public interest. (1) You can even search your current property if you so choose. In Idaho, land records are recorded with the county recorder in which the property is located. So you need only go to the recorder’s office in your particular county to initiate the search.  Bear in mind that while the title records will be accessible to you, the deed will only be available to you once you have paid off your mortgage. Furthermore, a title informs you as to whether there are any liens or claims attached to the property, as well as any other relevant historical data.  

For more information regarding titles and deeds, visit our FAQ page.

Who Completes the Title Search in Idaho?

When the time is right, you will need to make a decision as to who will perform the property title search. While you are within your rights to initiate the search yourself, you may quickly find that the legal complexities and legal language that arise in your search can be hard to decipher. In this case, you may choose to enlist the help of an outside professional property title search provider so that you can devote your time and resources to other aspects of the transaction. A company such as Title Search Direct will deliver to you a thorough, succinct, easily digestible report within a short amount of time. 

In Idaho, sellers typically pay for the title and closing service fees. 

How Much Does a Title Search Cost?

The cost of a title search depends on the time involved in performing the search. Because every property in Idaho is unique, every title search will take a varying amount of time to complete. If you are looking into a house built in 1915, for example, you can expect a higher cost than one built in 2015, as the public record histories attached to these houses will be significantly different. The home built in 1915 will invariably have a longer chain of ownership and more of a story to tell than the house built more recently. 

That said, with Title Search Direct, you can begin your property title search in Idaho for as little as $35. Our detailed, succinct reports are typically completed within eight to fourteen business days, barring any bank holidays. Keep in mind that buying during peak homebuying season will also affect the time frame.

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