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What is a Property Title Search?

If you’re in the process of purchasing a home or property in Georgia, one of the most beneficial steps you can take is to educate yourself regarding the basics of property titles and property title searches.

A property title is a document that proves the legal ownership of a specific property, while a property title search is a report collated based on information collected through public records on a property that confirms the legal owner of that property.  A property title is different from a deed, in that a deed is awarded to the owner of a property once any debts against it, such as a mortgage, have been paid.

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Why Should You Perform a Georgia Property Title Search?

In advance of making any Georgia real estate purchase, you will undoubtedly want to perform a property title search. There are many reasons to perform a property title search, not the least of which is that you want to make sure you’re spending your hard earned money in a thoughtful, safe way. You’ll be able to make educated decisions regarding your purchase with a property title search in hand.

Performing a title search will help ensure that you uncover any potential issues with the property, including any hidden debts, liens against the property, easements, or deed restrictions. All of these factors can have a tremendous impact on whether or not you’ll go through with the purchase, how you’ll be able to use it, and what to expect if you sell it in the future. Perhaps most importantly, the property title search will ensure the authenticity of the seller’s legal right to the property.

A property title search doesn’t only provide current information about the property, but it also contains a record of the property’s individual history. You’ll learn about all of its past owners as well as the story of how it moved from one person’s hands to another. 

Another reason to initiate a property title search is to discover hidden issues that may arise and impede or prevent the sale of the property. In some cases, you’ll find that the title search reveals mismatched names, a previously unknown co-owner, or outstanding liens against the property. A property title search identifies these issues so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Additionally, performing a Georgia property title search will reveal any deed restrictions that will impact the ways you may use the property. For example, deed restrictions can include pet restrictions, the color palette, or the building of fences. These are issues you may never even consider otherwise, so it’s important to be aware of them before you make your purchase.

Property title searches may also reveal if there are easements on the property you’re considering. An easement refers to a situation in which one person has the right to use a piece of another person’s land. Easements are not uncommon, and there are many reasons an easement may have been put in place, from a utility company requiring access to a property or when a property spans a piece of road. Before purchasing land, it’s vital to know if anyone else has the right to access it.

Who Performs the Title Search in the Buying Process in Georgia?

When you purchase a property in the state of Georgia, you will eventually want to initiate a title search, which will likely be completed by a title search company. While all of the information that will be contained in the property title search report will be pulled from public record, this information isn’t always easy to find. Some properties come with a long history and many previous owners. In those cases, reporting can become confusing, with legal language that may be difficult to interpret. Hiring a professional title search company like Title Search Direct ensures you’ll have an accurate and succinct report with all of the information you need.

In the state of Georgia, buyers and sellers typically negotiate who will cover the cost of property title searches. (1)

How Do I Check My Home Title?

In the event that you are uncertain about the title of a Georgia property you already own, you can usually locate your title at the registry of the deeds office in the county in which your property is located. While you’re paying your mortgage you won’t have a deed, but the records of ownership will still be available. Another way you can discover information about your property is by using the services of a professional title search provider.

How Long Does a Georgia Title Search Take?

Just like no two properties are exactly the same, the time it takes to perform a thorough property title search will vary from property to property. The complexity and extent of the search will greatly impact the time it takes to perform. Keeping that in mind, the majority of Georgia property title searches performed by Title Search Direct can be completed within eight to fourteen business days, barring any bank holidays, outside of peak homebuying season. 

The age of the property will often factor heavily into how long it takes to complete a property title search. An older property has a longer history, and chances are there have been more owners, more sales, more information, and that leads to more documentation. Furthermore, the level of detail required will also play a role in how long each search takes to complete.

How Much Does a Title Search in Georgia Cost?

Because every property title search in the state of Georgia is different, the cost will vary as well. Pricing typically is determined by the complexity of the search. Properties with long, storied histories will often take longer, include more documentation, and therefore cost more than a property with a simple, short history.

Furthermore, if you need additional searches, examples of which include searches for trusts, wills, or heirs, the cost will increase. If you opt for a full search, you’ll uncover any and all of the public information that pertains to the property in question, which will also cost more.

While the price for a property title search will vary, the good news is that property title searches in Georgia start as low as $35 when you choose to work with Title Search Direct.

Start Your Georgia Property Title Search

When you have a property in mind, it may be time to begin your property title search, and that’s where Title Search Direct comes in. Title Search Direct is the nation’s leading provider of title searches, and our seasoned professionals will make sure that you receive all of the information you need before making your real estate purchase. Our service is fast, reliable, and easy thanks to twenty-five years of experience researching and locating public records.

We love what we do, and nobody knows the property title search process in Georgia quite like Title Search Direct. To initiate your Georgia property title search, use our online search service. You’re only a few clicks away from having the public record information you need to make your real estate purchase.

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