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What is a Colorado Real Estate Title Search?

One of the most exciting moments in your life will occur when you find the property of your dreams and you’re ready to make it your own. Before you purchase your property in Colorado, you’ll want to perform a Colorado real estate title search, also known as a property title search. A property title is a document that legally proves a person has ownership of a property. (1) A property title search is a document assembled from information gathered from public records pertaining to a particular property that confirms the legal owner of the property. A property title search is vital to the process of purchasing a property.

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What Are the Benefits of Performing a Colorado Property Title Search?

Performing a property title search before purchasing a Colorado property is the best way to make sure that the property you’re buying is a secure investment. The property title search will reveal any potential issues regarding the property in question, giving you the knowledge you need to make educated decisions relating to the purchase.

The result of a property title search is that you will be made aware of any liens against the property, hidden debts, easements, and deed restrictions. Each of these items can heavily factor into your decision to buy the property. Furthermore, the most important reason to perform a property title search is to make sure that the person selling the property has the legal authority to do so.

Prevent Transaction Delays

When you begin your Colorado property title search, you are helping to decrease the chances that your purchase will be delayed as a result of issues pertaining to the ownership of the property. When you wait until the last minute to learn this vital information, you may discover that the title is muddled and you may ultimately delay or prevent the sale entirely. When you know about issues regarding your property in advance, you can do everything possible to make sure your transaction goes through in a timely manner and you can close without delay.

Discover Any Deed Restrictions or Easements

When you initiate a property title search in the state of Colorado, one of the most critical pieces of information you’ll uncover is whether or not there are any easements or deed restrictions that may limit the ways in which you can use your property. An easement is any scenario in which one person has the right to use a piece of land that belongs to another person for one of many reasons. One common example of an easement is when a neighbor must use your driveway or pathway to access their own property. It’s important to know who else may have the legal right to access your land before you purchase any property.

It is also possible that you’ll discover that your potential property has deed restrictions in place. Deed restrictions can refer to anything from obstructing your neighbor’s view to limitations on building a fence and anything in between. It’s important to understand these restrictions before you purchase the property because similar to easements, deed restrictions will influence the way you use your property and how you’ll sell it in the future.

Reveal the History of the Property

One of the most significant benefits of performing a property title search on your Colorado property is that you’ll learn the full extent of the property’s history. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the property’s previous owners and any significant events that have taken place on the property.

Are Colorado Property Records Public Information?

As a result of The Freedom of Information Act, any pieces of documentation that are handled by government facilities, including the registry of deeds, must be made available to the public. Therefore, in the state of Colorado, all property records are part of the public record because they are necessary for processing property taxes.

Even though these records are accessible to the public, many times they only provide the most essential information and usually don’t provide detailed records because that would run the risk of exposing potentially personal or private information regarding current or past owners. Furthermore, additional important documents like wills and trust are available to the public. Oftentimes the more detailed versions of these documents must be requested from the county in which they were filed.

Can I Check My Own Home Title in Colorado?

For property owners in the state of Colorado who want to inquire about their own property title, this information can typically be located at the county’s registry of the deeds office. Do keep in mind that if you are still actively making payments on your mortgage or paying down any debts or liens against the property, you will not yet see a deed on file, however, you will still be able to locate the record of ownership. As another option, you can hire a professional title search company, like Title Search Direct, to locate that title information on your behalf.

What is the Cost of a Property Title Search in Colorado?

In the state of Colorado, the cost of a property title search can span a wide range, depending on how complicated the search is as a result of the extent of the property’s history. A property with a decades-long history and several owners will require a substantial amount of time and effort to complete a search, which will in turn contribute to a higher cost. Furthermore, adding in additional searches, such as those that provide information regarding wills and trusts, can also drive up the price. If you request a full search, which encompasses all public information pertaining to the property, you’ll pay an even higher price.

With all of that in mind, know that the inverse is also true. If you’re interested in a property that is newer or has had fewer owners or has a simpler history, the cost of performing a property title search will be relatively inexpensive. When you enlist the services of Title Search Direct, you can initiate a property title search in Colorado for as little as $35

Search Colorado Property Records with Title Search Direct

Once you’ve located the property of your dreams, it’s time to begin your Colorado property title search. Title Search Direct is the country’s top title search provider, and we attribute that to our passion for real estate and our fast, reliable, and easy service. Our team of professionals is looking forward to helping you collect all of the necessary information to inform your Colorado real estate purchase. 

Thanks to our 25 years of experience, we know the process of performing property title searches in the state of Colorado like none other, and our experts are highly skilled at locating and collating public records. Buying a home is an exciting milestone, and we’re here to make it easier than ever before.

To initiate your Colorado real estate title search, use our online search service. With just a few simple clicks, our team will get to work gathering all of the information you need to move forward with your real estate purchase.

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